JIVA Set - Baldness or Demodex



Premium Set for Bladness or Demodex 

Effectiveness: Revitalizes hair cells; generates (newborn) healthy hair growth and increases hair pigment with deep absorption; balances the scalp oil and reduces dandruff naturally (all scientifically proven). Balances hair cells and prolongs period of action in revitalizing hair cells and pigment cells, promoting hair thickness and also reducing demodex number.


1. Jiva Antioxidant Herbal Shampoo (150 ml x 1 pumpbottle)

    FDA Registration no. 10-1-6100026294

2. Jiva Revitalize Hair Essence (15 ml x 4 tube)

    FDA Registration no. 10-1-6100028457

3. Jiva Revitalize Deep Treatment (100 g x 1 tube)

    FDA Registration no. 10-1-6100018184

4. Jiva Nourishing Treatment & Dressing gel (100 ml x 1 bottle)

    FDA Registration no. 10-1-6100015192

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