General Questions

Jiva are premium quality products produced from selected high quality crude Thai herbs with scientifically verified effectiveness.

Revita are standard quality products produced from crude Thai herbs.

Jiva products are fully condensed of many types of Thai crude herbs (not from concentrated). It has been through several sophisticated processes by ASEAN GMP factory. To make sure that the products will be in the best quality also free from chemical residues and harmful chemical substances. (100% natural active ingredients)

More than 80% of customers are satisfied with thier results after first week of using the products (in case using Jiva Hair serum along with Jiva Shampoo) 

Remarks: for maximum results, users should follow the usage recommendation from hair specialists and apply the product regularly.

Jiva/Revita products are produced from authentic crude herbs free from chemical residues and harmful chemical substances. There is no side effects and does not cause hair loss after stop using the products (in contrast to minoxidil and finasteride). Also, the newly-born hair will be healthy and strong.

No you don't need to. When you are satisfied with your results, you can stop using the products without causing hair loss again. But our recommendation is to continue using products which free from chemical residues such as silicone, SLS, DEA, PPD like our Jiva/Revita shampoo to avoid severe allergy and hair loss problems.

Normally, we will see more newly born hair and less hair loss in the first month. And after 3 months we will see the results clearly with naked eyes. In case of using scalp magnifier, we can see the change of scalp and hair since the first week. Though, the results may vary depending on individual absorbtion.

Jiva Hair Revitalization Center is open daily for everyone to consult and select their products. We also provide hair and scalp checking services.

Or you can order online now through this website, Line@ application, and our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JivaHairCenter.

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