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Account name: Herb For Hair
Savings account number 247-0-99795-4
Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited, Phutthamonthon Branch, Nakhonpathom, Thailand.

Member Privilege

- Get a JIVA member for free when buying at least 1,500 THB

- JIVA members will receive a 10% discount when buying the product via this official website or Line

- All purchasing amounts will be recorded at the end of the year and if it meets a condition, a member will get a special voucher to use on the first month of the next year

- On a member's birth month, get a 20% discount (the maximum amount allowed 5,000 THB) for the first order on the birth month. 

Shipping Fee
- With purchases of 1,500 THB or more, free shipping
- When buying products less than 1,500 THB, there is a shipping cost of 60 THB

**Membership conditions cannot be combined with other promotions
**The company reserves the right to change or cancel the conditions without prior notice

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