JIVA RECOLOR Nourishing Herbal Coat (brown)


Herbal dye: brown

Categories : Herbal Hair Dye


Effectiveness: Changes the white hair to be brown color.

  • Free from oxidizing agent and artificial color
  • Promotes hair strength and delay gray hair

Ingredients: Jiva Recolor tm Nourishing Herbal Coat (Brown): Water, Lawsonia inermis leaf extract, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis leaf extract, Alpinia officinarum leaf extract, Clitoria ternatea flower extract, Propanediol (corn sugar)*, Methylparaben, Centella asiatica leaf extract, Cinnamomum camphora leaf extract, Cymbopogon nardus oil, Propylparaben

*natural plant, ECOCERT Certified


Price/Size: 1,450.- / 180 g


Due to fresh herbs; This product is only available at Jiva Hair Revitalization Center.

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