Revita RECOLOR Nourishing Herbal Coat (Brown)


For Gray Hair


Effectiveness: Change the white hair to be brown color.

Recommendation: For best results.

1. Shampoo your hair and pat dry.

2. Pour all (or in proportion) of REVITA RECOLOR TM Nourishing Herbal Coat (brown) Powder in a bowl. 
3. Shake well, pour all REVITA RECOLORTM Nourishing Herbal Coat (brown) Gel to mix with the Nourishing Herbal Coat (brown) Powder to make dye paste.
4. Apply the paste to the sectioned hair from bottom to top part, from the root to the end of the hair with a brush. Make sure all your gray hair is thickly coated with the paste.   
5. Choose either method 5.1 or 5.2
          5.1 Put on a shower cap then cover with a towel to keep the hair warm and leave for 1 hr (or 20 min in case of using dryer to accelerate the reaction).Take off the shower cap then leave on at least 1 hr.  
          5.2 If using hair steamer, steam without a shower cap for 20 min. After finish the streaming, leave on at least 40 min.
6. Rinse off with water and dry the hair with warm dryer. (Skip Shampoo for 1 day.)

• Free from oxidizing agent and artificial color
• Promote hair strength and delay gray hair

Price/Size: 730.- / 180 g

FDA Registration no. 10-1-6100016910

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