Research result of ANTI-OXIDANT Herbal Shampoo


Evaluation of the in vivo anti-hair loss effect of one hair growth stimulant and anti-hair loss treatment in healthy Asian male and female subjects using videomicroscopy and self-assessment questionnaires
  • 87 % found the abnormal hair loss looks reduced
  • 87 % found the hair looks stronger
  • 87 % found the brittleness of hair looks reduced
  • 83 % found there is fewer broken hair on the brush
  • 83 % found the hair looks more attractive
  • 78 % found the abnormal hair loss stopped completely
  • 74 % found the hair starts to grow again

    Result of the research by Spincontrol Asia Co.,Ltd. in 25-55 years old, healthy 50 Asian male and female subjects during 16 weeks.

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