JIVA Pitta Pacifying Herbal Shampoo

For Thin, Light Color, Gray, and Damaged Hair; Scaling Scal

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Product Description

Effectiveness: Promotes hair thickness, pigment, moisture, bounce and shine; reduces (dry type) dandruff.

Recommendation: For best results.

Shampoo every morning. The shampoo gives less lather than common shampoo (especially in the first month during the scalp renormalization period) while cleansing well. Your hair may seem to be tangled when it is wet, just pat dry. Do not rub the hair. Comb your hair only when it is dry. JIVA NOURISHING Herbal Conditioner or  Revita Refeel Herbal Nourishing Conditioner is recommended for better texture, bounce, and easy combing.

• Free from silicone and its substitute, sulfate, DEA, lanolin, 
  artificial color and perfume
• Nourish hair cells with herbs.
• Protect hair shaft with plant mucilage.

*natural plant, ECOCERT Certified

Price/Size:  470.- / 150 ml

FDA Registration no. 10-1-6100016893

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