Special Promotion of August


In this Mother's month.

If you haven't found the present for your mom yet, here is a special offer for you!

Revita Herbal hair dye set (Dark Brown) only 1,400 THB

The set including:

  • Revita Recolor Nourishing Herbal Coat (dark brown) - 1 Box
  • Revita Sompoi Plus Herbal Shampoo - 1 Bottle (Using before dying your hair)
  • Revita Gentle Plus Herbal Shampoo - 1 Bottle (Using after dying your hair)

Purchase at:
This official website: https://bit.ly/3vdT1Ge (Add to cart)
Line: @jivahaircenter or https://bit.ly/3iLX366 (Chat with us)

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