Why do you need hair products by CHOR NATURE?

Our Products

We grow many of the herbs ourselves and all are cultivated under carefully controlled conditions without the use of pesticides. We have a standard and rigorous method of checking the raw materials before processing.

All of our products are produced from the natural Thai herbs and developed from Thai traditional medicine formulas for healthy hair without chemical deposits. Most are scientifically proven effective such as hair growth stimulant and anti-gray Hair Tonic, anti-hair loss Shampoo, and anti-dandruff Shampoo.

 We keep on developing new lines of innovative products often with support from the Royal Thai Government.

Our Product Brands include:

1. Jiva (for local market) and ChuleeVandevi Resurektion A (for export) are premium quality products produced from selected high quality crude Thai herbs with scientifically verified effectiveness.

2. Revita (for local market) and ChuleeVandevi B (for export) are regular quality products produced from crude Thai herbs.

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